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Mizzou Vs. Texas Tech: Tigers Start With 69, 71 Yard Touchdown Runs

And we're off in Lubbock, Texas. The Missouri Tigers kicked things off early against the Texas Tech Red Raiders with touchdown runs of 69 and 71 yard runs to jump out to a 14-3 lead early in Lubbock.

Marcus Murphy was responsible for the first run scoring the game's first touchdown just 1:03 into the game. Kendial Lawrence had the second run putting Mizzou up 14-0 halfway through the first quarter. Mizzou has 162 yards rushing on just six carries.

How's this for a stat: Mizzou has zero passing yards and a 14-3 lead. 14 points in 2:35 isn't a bad average for Mizzou's offense.

Kendial Lawrence now has two rushes for 80 yards and a touchdown while Marcus Murphy has just one rush for 69 yards. Not a bad start for Mizzou. Neutralizing a crowd on the road is critical and Mizzou has done that early.

Mizzou's game plan going in should have included plenty of passing as the Red Raiders were ranked 119th in the country in pass defense. They haven't even had a chance to attack that.

Texas Tech's offense has enough firepower that 14 points isn't anything to feel good about (yet).