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Chase Daniel Tired Of 'Fair Weather' Mizzou Fans

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Chase Daniel was one of the most productive quarterbacks in Mizzou history so I suppose he has a right to say some of these things but on Saturday night after the Missouri Tigers lost 24-17 to the Texas Tech Red Raiders, Daniel tweeted that he's tired of fair weather Mizzou fans.

Tired of fair weather fans for Mizzou! True fans stand behind their team no matter what happens! Proud of them! They will get it back

I can see Daniel's point but at the same time it's very frustrating for a fan who's been there and done that with Mizzou.. Build up a 7-0 record, lose in a hyped game and then, to top it off, lose the next game when you're a road favorite.

Former Mizzou LB Sean Weatherspoon weighed in via Twitter with the fair weather talk.

Don't be complaining like fair-weather fans, let them boys work they got it!

I think it's OK for Mizzou fans to be upset at this one (not that they need my permission).