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QB Taylor Potts Grabs Headlines In Texas Tech's Victory Over Mizzou

The Missouri Tigers fell 24-17 to the Texas Tech Red Raiders on Saturday night ending talk of a Big 12 North title and the BCS conversation. Here's what people are saying after Mizzou's loss:

Missouri offense fades in loss to Texas Tech - Columbia Missourian
After seven Texas Tech drives resulting in only three points, coach Tommy Tubberville made a switch. Taylor Potts came in at quarterback, replacing an ineffective Steven Sheffield. Texas Tech didn't look back.

Texas Tech topples No. 14 Missouri 24-17 -
For just a few minutes there, Missouri was back at Nebraska. Only this time, instead of Nebraska’s Roy Helu running wild for touchdowns 66 and 77 yards, it was Mizzou tailbacks hot-footing it into the end zone from long range.

Missouri’s game goes to Potts in second half
Meanwhile, I’m not sure where Blaine Gabbert and the passing game went tonight? Tech came into this game ranked 119th out of 120 teams in pass defense and left Gabbert looking flustered as he finished just 12 of 30 for 95 yards. There were numerous times the Tigers took shots deep down the field and Gabbert over threw receivers.

Texas Tech's win is good for Nebraska, Taylor Potts | College Sports Blog | Sports News | News for Dallas, Texas | The Dallas Morning News
Regardless of what the final score was going to be, Red Raider fans were having fun and an atmosphere like that had not been around since the beginning of the third quarter of the Texas game - back when the Red Raiders were 2-0 and tied at 14 with then-ranked No. 5 Longhorns. Despite a lackluster attendance -- 55,676 in a stadium that now holds about 61,000 -- the crowd was at times louder than the Texas game.