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BCS Standings Projections: 'Don't Be Surprised' If Boise State Hops TCU; Oklahoma, Mizzou Tumble

ESPN's Brad Edwards has his BCS standings projections out for the top five teams and predicts no change in the top four as all four of those teams were involved in big blowouts over the weekend. The BCS rankings will see some change in the bottom half of the top 10 though as Utah, Alabama and Oklahoma lost.

Edwards predicts Oregon and Auburn stay No.1 and No. 2 moving forward. This isn't a surprise as both teams dominated over the weekend.

He predicts TCU remains at No. 3 but says "don't be surprised" it Boise State passes them. It's all about kind of momentum TCU gained with the voters over the weekend in their 40-point blowout over then-No. 5 Utah.

Finally for the top of the one-loss teams Edwards predicts LSU at No. 5. They beat Alabama over the weekend and have strong victories in the tough SEC.

These rankings match up with what SB Nation's BCS Evolution predicts for the top five. After No. 5, they predict the BCS standings go Nebraska Corn Huskers, Stanford Cardinals, Wisconsin Badgers, Ohio State Buckeyes and Oklahoma State. That would put two Big 12 teams in the top 10.

Mizzou and Oklahoma likely drop out of the top 15 with their losses -- both have two -- and that caps a disappointing week in the Big 12.