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College Football Rankings: USA Today Coaches Poll Drops Mizzou To No. 20

The Missouri Tigers run in the top 15 is over as the latest USA Today Coaches poll dropped Mizzou to No. 20 in the latest college football rankings. Last week Mizzou was at No. 14 coming off of a loss to the Nebraska Corn Huskers but Saturday's loss to the Texas Tech Red Raiders did them in.

One surprising part of the polls this week is Wisconsin staying in front of LSU, who beat Alabama over the weekend. After that there aren't a ton of surprises as Oregon, Auburn, TCU and Boise State control the top four.

Mizzou's No. 20 ranking keep them out of any legitimate BCS conversations for the moment. Mizzou also dropped a full game behind Nebraska in the Big 12 meaning they need two Husker losses -- and they need to win out -- in order for the Tigers to have a shot at the Big 12 title game.

At this point, the Big 12 title game is the only way for Mizzou to push their season to another level. Assuming they win out -- and that's no guarantee -- they'll sit at a very respectable 10-2.

The Tigers face Kansas State, Iowa State and Kansas down the stretch. Nebraska has Kansas, Texas A&M and Colorado.

Here's the full USA Today / Coaches poll this week:

  1. Oregon
  2. Auburn
  3. TCU
  4. Boise State
  5. Wisconsin
  6. LSU
  7. Ohio State
  8. Nebraska
  9. Stanford
  10. Michigan State
  11. Oklahoma State
  12. Alabama
  13. Iowa
  14. Arkansas
  15. Utah
  16. Oklahoma
  17. Virginia Tech
  18. Mississippi State
  19. Arizona
  20. Missouri
  21. Nevada
  22. South Carolina
  23. Central Florida
  24. Florida
  25. Texas A&M