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BCS Rankings: Mizzou Should Be Ranked Ahead Of Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Sooners are ranked ahead of the Missouri Tigers in the latest set of BCS rankings. This is confusing for a number of reasons: The Tigers have better losses (in my opinion), have the same number of losses as the Sooners and have already beaten them. Yet Mizzou is ranked No. 17 and the Sooners are at No. 16.

CBS Sports tries to figure this one out.

These 22 voters have Oklahoma over Missouri even though they both have the same number of losses and the Tigers beat the Sooners just two weeks ago.  Each team lost last week to a middle-tier, Texas-based team (Texas A&M and Texas Tech respectively).  Missouri’s other loss was to a very good, one-loss Nebraska, and Oklahoma’s other loss was to… Missouri.  You can argue that A&M is better than Tech (especially with the results of their game), but the head-to-head win for Missouri over Oklahoma has got to count more than the transitive speculation.  Besides, most of the computers rank Missouri better, and they aren’t taking the head-to-head result into account.  Voters need to fix this before the robots attack. 

To review...

OU Losses: Missouri, Texas A&M

MU Losses: Nebraska, Texas Tech

Total losses for both: 2

Head to head: MU over OU

How is Oklahoma ranked ahead of Missouri?