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What's Wrong With QB Blaine Gabbert and Mizzou Tigers Offense?

The Missouri Tigers offense has been struggling the last two weeks and they're trying to figure out what's wrong.

The Missouri Tigers are in a funk -- more specifically, they're in an offensive funk. The Tigers have put up just 17 points in each of their last two games after scoring 30 or more in their previous two. Mizzou's passing game is really the problem area. It hasn't been able to do much of anything the last two weeks and their only consistency is being inconsistent.

QB Blaine Gabbert has had his two worst outings of the year the last two weeks completing just 40 percent and 42.9 percent of his passes, far below his season average.

"It's not anybody's fault," Gabbert told reporters Monday. "It's not T.J.'s fault, it's not any of the receivers' faults. Like I said, it's a combination of things. We just have to get things clicking. We have to run better routes, we have to throw the ball better, we have to block better. It's just a multitude of reasons why weren't executing in that game."

WR T.J. Moe has been one of Gabbert's favorite targets but even the last three weeks he's yet to crack the 100-yard mark. Moe, like Gabbert, isn't blaming it on anything specific. They just need to get...better.

"I think he is dealing with it just like the rest of us. He's just trying to work harder. That's the only thing you can do. You have to stay afloat, you have to keep working harder, that's the only thing you can do."

Mizzou head coach Gary Pinkel recognizes that QB is the most difficult position to play and they're usually going to get the blame when things go wrong and the credit when things go right.

"It's (Quarterback) the hardest position to play in all of sports. Anybody that goes and tries it, it's hard to play. There're a lot of variables out there. He's not perfect. If we make some catches or we do better protection, he makes a few better throws.He had some struggles but he's still a good player and he's got my support a hundred percent."

Gabbert's struggles bring up another interesting question: How does this affect his decision of whether he'll leave for the NFL next year?

If he continues to struggle the rest of the year I can't imagine him coming out on a low note. There's been no indication if he's leaning one way or the other -- 21- and 22-year-old kids change their mind all the time -- but I'm curious if this slump will affect his decision.

The Tigers have every reason to put up a big game on Saturday against Kansas State. It's Senior Day and it's the final game at Faurot Field. We'll see if the seniors step it up.