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VIDEO: MIZ-ZOU At Missouri Tigers Vs. Georgetown Hoyas Game

For the second time this year, college basketball fans in the Kansas City area had a heck of a showing for an area team and, for the second time this year, we didn't see the desired result. The first time it was Kansas State Wildcats fans turning the Sprint Center purple against No. 1 Duke. The second time came on Tuesday night as Missouri Tigers fans turned the Sprint Center gold as Mizzou faced the No. 16 Georgetown Hoyas.

Once again, we did not see the result we wanted. The Tigers fell to the Hoyas, 111-102, but that doesn't mean the atmosphere was still excellent. This was a "neutral court" game but everyone from John Thompson III to the announcers were well aware that this was far from a neutral court.

Check the video above of the MIZ-ZOU chant at the game on Tuesday night, courtesy of Rock M Nation reader ZachIsHere.