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Nebraska Cornhuskers Don't Have Many Friends In Kansas City

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Since Nebraska announced it was headed to the Big Ten, they haven't made many friends in the Kansas City area.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers have been, for the most part, a dominant football team consistently beating teams like the Missouri Tigers and Kansas Jayhawks -- Kansas City area teams. The Huskers domination over those teams has caused much of Kansas City to dislike them. Over the years, I don't think it was ever a true "hate" but just a dislike because, well, Nebraska was so freakin' good.

Since the announcement came that the Huskers would be moving to the Big Ten, we've seen Kansas City turn on Nebraska more than usual. 810 WHB's Kevin Kietzmann has been perhaps the most vocal in that regard but it's not just him. It seems like everyone in Kansas City has the same thought, which includes NBC Action News sports reporter Jack Harry.

I never felt any animosity from Husker fans until I spoke out on Bo Pelini's sideline behavior. I referred to the Nebraska coach as a 'raving lunatic'. I then discovered it didn't take much to set off the Cornheads. That’s all it took to label me, as a Nebraska 'hater'. When you're labeled a 'Nebraska hater', they basically put a bounty on your head.

Though Harry notes "these savages are in the minority", the perception still remains. But is it reality? Are Nebraska fans really this nuts, the way Dan Beebe painted them to be when he went public with the threats he's received? I'm not quite sure. It's easy to get passionate and crazy mixed up.

I will say, though, that from my personal experience Nebraska fans are much more outspoken than your normal group. I receive emails occasionally from folks who disagree with something that I've written. I usually respond by explaining my position and, even if there's disagreement, there's a level of respect there.

I'm not saying all Nebraska fans are like this but the emails I have received paint Husker fans in a different light.

How bout beating Nebraska and THEN talking smack?!  Oh, that's right - the Huskers kicked mizzou's butt upland down the field this year ( as usual ) and missouri is still ranked ahead of the Huskers IN SPITE OF LOSING - again!

This one comes after we wrote "According to the BCS, Mizzou is better than Nebraska." We wrote that because...well, the Tigers are ranked ahead of the Huskers in the BCS standings. It wasn't meant as a slight. I wasn't insulting anyone. I was stating the rankings of the BCS (and it was one sentence that wasn't the focus of the story).

Missouri and Nebraska ‘pretty equal in your mind’.  Are you Brad Pitt ‘in your mind’?  I guess ‘your mind’ forgot that Nebraska and Missouri actually played this year, and settled who’s the better team on the field, but I guess your mind can’t go there because it’s too painful!

I actually get Russell Crowe quite a bit, but that's besides the point. Here's my take on saying Mizzou and Nebraska are "pretty equal in my mind": Identical overall records, identical conference records and Mizzou is ranked ahead of Nebraska in the BCS standings. To me, that is indeed "pretty equal", despite the Huskers head-to-head victory.

In a way, these emails are a sign of an intense fan hood from Nebraska fans and it's almost admirable. Usually the fan bases that are known as "crazy" are also known as pretty damn good fans. But the perception that's been created -- from Kansas City media to the two dozen or so emails I've received to Dan Beebe's refusal to head to Lincoln -- is that Nebraska fans have crossed the line.

I'm not sure where the reality is with Nebraska fans. Maybe I'm not the best person to ask because, while I certainly disliked Nebraska because they were good and beat my teams, I didn't hate them. But it seems that everyone in Kansas City is ready for them to go.