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NCAA Basketball: Kansas, Kansas State, Mizzou And Ridiculously Early Bracket Predictions

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Bracketology in December? Indeed, has come out with their first bracket and you can see it all here. As expected, the three teams in the Kansas City area -- Kansas, Kansas State and Missouri -- have high seeds.

The Jayhawks are the top seed in the Southwest bracket while Syracuse and Illinois are the No. 2 and No. 3 seeds in that bracket. The Wildcats come in at the No. 3 seed in the Southeast bracket where Ohio State is No. 1 and Connecticut is No. 2. The Tigers are the fouth seed in the East bracket which includes Duke at No. 1, Georgetown at No. 2 and San Diego State at No. 3.

The Jayhawks are going to be a dangerous team moving forward. Josh Selby will make his way into the lineup when we see KU play next.

Here's how the entire Big 12 would look:

Kansas (1), Kansas State (3), Missouri (4), Baylor (5), Texas (8), Texas A&M (10), Oklahoma State (13, 1st Rd.)

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