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Iowa Hawkeye Suspensions Not Expected To Continue Before Insight Bowl Vs. Missouri Tigers

Unconfirmed rumors had been making the rounds last week that the Iowa Hawkeyes had more than a few players fail a school-administered drug test. Of course those are why they're unconfirmed rumors -- Iowa's Kirk Ferentz announced RB Adam Robinson has been suspended for the Insight Bowl and RB Jewel Hampton, who was out with an ACL injury, would transfer.

That's it. No more suspensions. And there aren't expected to be anymore, Feretnz and Iowa AD Gary Barta announced at a Tuesday press conference.

But they did seem to indicate something happened with the drug tests. Barta revealed that there was some sort of flaw in the drug testing program and, more than likely, someone slipped through the program.

"It’s pretty likely that someone – I don’t know if it's one or it's 21 – but someone has gotten around the process."

Those rumors of a dozen or more players failing a drug test? Barta wouldn't confirm or deny that was the case but did note that a first positive test results i counseling -- not suspension. Take that for what its worth.

Derrell Johnson-Koulianos, Iowa's leading receiver, was suspended last week for the Insight Bowl against the Missouri Tigers for somehow being involved in a drug house.