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2010 Insight Bowl, Missouri Tigers Vs. Iowa Hawkeyes: One Week Countdown

The Missouri Tigers and Iowa Hawkeyes in the 2010 Insight Bowl will be happening one week from Tuesday and it's safe to say Mizzou is handling their time off better than Iowa.

The Hawkeyes have suspended WR Derrell Johnson-Koulianos, which is their all-time leading receiver, and rumors surrounding the program had players failing drug tests, which the school hinted at but only suspended one mroe player (and saw another transfer). There were a lot of rumors floating around about a program that's usually pretty straight forward.

Meanwhile the Tigers have been pretty quiet. They're preparing for Iowa in Columbia, Mo. and we haven't heard much of anything from them which, compared to Iowa, is probably a good thing.

It's the one week countdown to the game as these two teams will meet on Tuesday, Dec. 28 on ESPN in Tempe, Az.

Missouri opened as a three-point favorite in the game but now many folks have taken the game off the board. Some have Mizzou as a 1-2.5 point favorite.

I suspect the Tigers will walk away with this one. Just the environments leading up to the game have been so much different with all the question marks surrounding Iowa, suspended a couple of players and the other rumors, I just think Mizzou is going to be better prepared for this game.

It all goes down next week as Mizzou eyes an 11-2 finish.