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2011 NFL Draft: Blaine Gabbert, Aldon Smith Are Still Undecided

The Missouri Tigers could be seeing a pair of key players exiting for the 2011 NFL draft.

Or they might not.

QB Blaine Gabbert and DE Aldon Smith both downplayed rumors that they'd be putting their names in the draft. Though both have submitted their names to the NFL draft advisory board, they haven't made their decisions.

Smith's NFL draft rumor came in the last week but he says he's made no decisions yet.

"Somebody brought that to my attention, and I’ve never said anything like that," Smith said. "But that’s just life. It’s no big deal."

And Gabbert's NFL future has yet to be decided either as we see speculation on his future rise.

"Rumors are going to be spread around. One word can trigger a forest fire. That’s just the nature of the beast. You just have to worry about your business. And I can tell you, Aldon and mine, this team’s focus, is on winning this bowl game," Gabbert said.

If they're going to be first round picks, I think it's a no-brainer. Someone like Smith may seem some more competition with a deep class of defensive ends but, for Gabbert, quarterbacks are always in demand and any Mizzou will gladly tell you Gabbert has what it takes.