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Insight Bowl: Iowa's Dealing With More Distractions Than Mizzou

The Missouri Tigers are getting closer to the Insight Bowl against the Iowa Hawkeyes in Tempe, Ariz. The Tigers wanted a BCS bowl heading into the season but given what transpired I think many are happy with the Insight Bowl. The Tigers are practicing daily as they prepare for the game on Tuesday night.

"It’s so unlike a regular football game," head coach Pinkel said. "But the team that disciplines itself enough to be focused to do it is the team that can do it (win)."

There are so many distractions. Bowl committee folks will tell you one of the reasons they don't want to go to a playoff system (other than money) is that the system now gives the kids a chance to get to the city and enjoy the scene for a little while. Pinkel will say it's all about discipline -- and it is -- but there are reasons to have fun.

Mizzou, though, can't hold a candle to Iowa when talking about distractions. The Hawkeyes have been surrounded by rumors of a drug scandal, suspended their all-time leading receiver and another running back. Iowa's doing all it can to distract themselves from the Insight Bowl.

Mizzou is a 2.5 point favorite over Iowa (depending on where you look) so they're expected to win, distractions or not.