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Insight Bowl: Record Crowd Expected For Missouri Tigers, Iowa Hawkeyes

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The Missouri Tigers will be facing the Iowa Hawkeyes on Tuesday night at the Insight Bowl in Tempe, Arizona and they're expecting a record crowd for Insight Bowl viewing.

But this year, Fiesta officials secured a television deal with ESPN that will give Insight a broad national audience on Tuesday. A record 50,000 people are expected to attend Insight.

"There's almost 100 million households with ESPN - it definitely raises (Insight's) profile," said Fiesta spokesman Andy Bagnato.

The Insight Bowl now pays out over $6 million which is a huge leap from last year when they were under $3 million. They've done a lot to raise the profile of their Bowl and I think Mizzou's going to get lots of exposure from it.

The Insight Bowl is in Tempe and the Fiesta Bowl and BCS National Championship game are in Glendale. They're expected to bring in over $420 million. Those bowls brought in an estimated $400 million in 2006-07.