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Insight Bowl: Iowa's Kirk Ferentz Says Missouri Is A 'Top Notch Ball Club'

Iowa Hawkeyes head coach Kirk Ferentz talked about the Missouri Tigers on Monday and had some high praise saying they're a "top notch ball club" and that they probably could have won a couple more than 10 games. Iowa meets Mizzou in the 2010 Insight Bowl on Tuesday night and Ferentz talked about the challenge of preparing for them and that offense.

We have a great challenge on our hands. Talked about their defense a little bit. You know, they're very much a challenge for us offensively with their system. It starts with the quarterback. (Missouri quarterback Blaine) Gabbert does a great job of throwing the football. They have a lot of great players offensively and the offensive line group that allows them to execute. They have got very good, skilled players.

Indeed Mizzou's skill players are very, very good (and that extends to the defense, too). If you let them get in a rhythm, Iowa's in trouble. Iowa needs to dictate the flow of this game if they want to win.

We will have our hands full and they are good on special teams. They are a top notch ball club. There is no surprise to me that they have won ten games. Probably could have won a couple more, too. They are just that kind of team.

Missouri is really pretty strong everywhere. Ferentz already talked about that defense and what they're capable of so it's clear he respects the Tigers as an opponent.