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Insight Bowl History: Missouri Tigers Vs. Iowa Hawkeyes

The 2010 Insight Bowl will be played in Tempe, Arizona Tuesday evening on ESPN and they've come a long way since the bowl was first created. It was actually first called the Copper Bowl when it was formed in 1989. Insight Enterprises purchased the rights to the game in 1996 and changed the name to the Bowl in before tweaking it to just the Insight Bowl in 2002.

The Insight Bowl has made significant strides in recent years as the bowl becomes more and more relevant. Originally, the bowl was a WAC team against an at-large team but that ended in 1997 when the Big 12 and Big East got involved. By 2002, the Big 12 was out and the Pac 10 was in. In 2006, the latest change occurred when the Big 12 came back into the game against the Big Ten. 

The Big Ten hasn't won the game since they became a member of the bowl although Minnesota has appeared in three of the four games. The Big Ten is 2-4 in total with the last win coming from Wisconsin over Utah in 1996.

One of those Minnesota losses was a big one as they allowed the biggest come back in Division I history back in 2006. They held a 31 point lead over Texas Tech in the 2006 game and the Red Raiders ended up winning by three in OT.

So Insight Bowl history says the Big 12 -- Missouri -- will win this game.