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Iowa RB Adam Robinson's Arrest Another Distraction Before Insight Bowl Vs. Mizzou

The Iowa Hawkeyes have already dealt with plenty of distractions before Tuesday night's Insight Bowl against the Missouri Tigers. There was the suspension of WR Derrell Johnson-Koulianos and then the "flaws and inconsistencies" in the drug testing program that drew headlines.

Here's another distraction -- RB Adam Robinson, who was already suspended for the Insight Bowl, was arrested on Monday night.

The Iowa State Patrol says Robinson was a passenger in a vehicle pulled over Monday night in Des Moines, Robinson's hometown. Police stopped the vehicle for not having front plates. Police say a trooper detected a marijuana odor from the vehicle, then found marijuana after a search.

This won't have a direct affect on the game as Robinson was already suspended but it's another set of distractions for Iowa to deal with just hours before their game against Mizzou.

Will this have an affect on the game? We're not sure yet but it certainly can't be considered a good thing. Mizzou is coming in focused and with few distractions while Iowa has been facing questions about its program for several weeks now.