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Insight Bowl Odds: Missouri Tigers Should Take Care Of Iowa Hawkeyes

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The Missouri Tigers are expected to beat the Iowa Hawkeyes on Tuesday night in the Insight Bowl. This coming from the oddsmakers who say Mizzou is a three point favorite over Iowa. That line sounds about right for the Tigers, if not a little low.

The reasons for a Mizzou win are there. QB Blaine Gabbert is one of the better quarterbacks in the NCAA and the passing attack has, at times, been prolific. They lost RB Derrick Washington early in the year yet their running attack has been solid. Missouri's defense is the real surprise this year as they've been one of the top units in the country.

Iowa's 7-5 coming off some late season losses and plenty of potential distractions ranging from the suspension of WR Derrell Johnson-Koulianos to the drug testing problems to even Monday night's events when RB Adam Robinson, who was already suspended for this game, was arrested.

We'll see if Iowa can overcome those. My prediction is that they can not. I'm picking Mizzou to win this one. They've been too solid all year and with the extra time I like them here. I'll predict a 34-24 Mizzou victory.