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Insight Bowl: Blaine Gabbert's Second Interception Is Costly; Iowa Leads, 27-24

The Iowa Hawkeyes defense came up big in the fourth quarter of the Insight Bowl against the Missouri Tigers. QB Blaine Gabbert threw his second interception with just under six minutes remaining in the fourth quarter and Iowa picked it off and returned it 72 yards for the touchdown. The score gave Iowa a 27-24 lead over Mizzou.

Gabbert's having a terrific day outside of that mistake. He's completed 38-of-51 passes for 418 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions. The first pick wasn't necessarily his fault as it was tipped in the air but it came in the end zone as the Tigers were driving.

Gabbert's second pick, and the fact that it was returned for six, has hurt the Tigers. They've got the ball back with a few minutes remaining in the fourth quarter driving down the field.

With about four minutes remaining, Iowa leads Mizzou, 27-24.