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Blaine Gabbert On Insight Bowl Interception: 'I Got Greedy'

We mentioned that the Missouri Tigers loss to the Iowa Hawkeyes in the 2010 Insight Bowl really came down to two plays -- Blaine Gabbert's second interception, which was returned for a touchdown, and the T.J. Moe non-catch. As for the former, Gabbert spoke after the game and simply summed up the interception.

"I just got greedy," Gabbert said. "I forced it."

That's pretty much it. He could have run it or thrown it away but he chose to force it and he paid for it as Iowa's Micah Hyde then returned it 72 yards for the go-ahead touchdown with 5:32 remaining in the game.

Gabbert's first interception wasn't exactly his fault but it was still costly. He had a ball tipped in the air and it was intercepted in the end zone as Mizzou was driving.

Outside of that mistake, Gabbert was terrific all night completing 41-of-57 passes for a school bowl record 434 yards. He was efficient and moved his offense up and down the field consistently (but couldn't score consistently). Gabbert also earned the praise of the ESPN announcers who were talking about his draft credentials for much of the night.