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Major Needs At Quarterback Among NFL Bottom Feeders Should Elevate Blaine Gabbert's Status

The NFL Draft is the primary focus for approximately half of the NFL at this point in the season. As those teams specifically get ready, an inordinate number are most likely focusing on one primary position: the quarterback. That bodes well for players possibly entering the draft with promising stock like Missouri's Blaine Gabbert.

More than ever, teams realize that everything rises and falls with the quarterback. Look at the NFC West for the best example. San Francisco has possible Pro Bowlers at several key positions, and every football expert said they would run away with the division. There was only one larger question mark: the quarterback spot with Alex Smith as the incumbent. The end result: Head Coach Mike Singletary is fired before season's end and the team loses a season where veterans get one year older.

Meanwhile, the St. Louis Rams were starting Year Two of a long rebuilding process. After all, the dearth of talent on both sides of the ball was widely noted outside of Steven Jackson. A promising draft brought high draft picks like Sam Bradford and Rodger Saffold, but no one expected the final results. In the end, however, Sam Bradford is hoping to carry his team to a division title this weekend. It's all about the quarterback, in other words.

One look at the top tier of teams choosing in the draft showcase a wasteland at the most important spot. The Panthers, Cardinals, Bengals, 49ers, Redskins, Browns, Vikings and Seahawks should all be considering a first-round quarterback addition, and any PR spin that says they aren't is either lying or delusional. Perhaps the Bills really have something with Ryan Fitzpatrick, but do you take that chance? I don't.

This draft class also looks rather stocked, especially if the kids like Andrew Luck from Stanford and Gabbert come out. They'll team with Arkansas' Ryan Mallett, Auburn's Cam Newton and Washington's Jake Locker to form a likely Top 5 QB prospects come draft time. Imagine the trading and posturing that will ensue once the draft starts and the teams stop blowing smoke to hide their true opinions. The results will be fun to watch, for sure, and for a prospect like Gabbert, he will likely reap the rewards.