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Bowl Projections: Notre Dame In Holiday Bowl? Yes Please, Mizzou Fans Say

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The Missouri Tigers could be playing the Notre Dame Irish in the Holiday Bowl, according to various bowl projections. We've got no official word from anyone on that except...Mizzou fans. A poll conducted at the Columbia Tribune is asking Mizzou fans where they would like to see the Tigers play.

Here are the results: The Insight Bowl against Iowa (7-5) is at 28 percent, Insight Bowl against Michigan (7-5) is at 22 percent, Holiday Bowl against Arizona (7-5) is at 4 percent, Holiday Bowl against Washington (6-6) is at 1 percent, Holiday Bowl against Notre Dame (7-5) is at 44 percent and the Holiday Bowl against Louisville (6-6) is at 0 percent.

I think the best matchup, given the circumstances, would be Notre Dame. Since they beat USC last week, that's pretty unlikely but an Irish game brings more media and more attention. Hopefully, if that was the case, people would be bringing up the question of why Mizzou dropped all the way to the Holiday Bowl when they went 10-2 and beat the No. 1 team in the country at one point. Missouri can win any of those games although Notre Dame would be a test, for sure.

Of course an ND invitation to the Holiday Bowl likely only comes with a Washington loss today sending Arizona to the Alamo Bowl, and leaving the Holiday Bowl looking for someone.

Last week, Holiday Bowl executive director Bruce Binkowski said:

"We’d have to see what is the pool of available teams and make the best decision we could for the bowl."

Mizzou players have said they want to play in warm weather and San Diego would fit that bill. With Notre Dame's victory over USC last week, the more likely scenario at this point has them going to another bowl, perhaps the Champs Sports Bowl.