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Bowl Projections: Nebraska Vs. Oklahoma Will Clear Many Big 12 Questions

We're going through various bowl projections this week figuring out where the Missouri Tigers, Oklahoma State Cowboys and other Big 12 teams could land when bowl selections are made. Basically, it's a guessing game until the Nebraska Cornhuskers and Oklahoma Sooners play Saturday evening in the Big 12 Championship game.

A Nebraska win can dramatically change things and an Oklahoma win can dramatically change things. But, after the game, it's the Alamo Bowl that will get first crack at the Big 12 Championship loser, which will get the ball rolling. Via Columbia Tribune:

"The ball bounces over to the Alamo’s court," said Andy Bagnato, spokesman for the Fiesta and Insight. "Clearly that game Saturday is a big game for everybody involved, not just for the Fiesta but all the bowls down the pecking order, because it’ll bring some clarity to where everybody’s going."

Following the Cotton Bowl, who has picked Texas A&M, we'll hear from the Alamo Bowl, Insight Bowl and Holiday Bowl.

The Alamo Bowl could be looking at the loser of Saturday night's Big 12 Championship game, which would be Nebraska or Oklahoma. But it's also possible they don' take one of those teams. Consider this: Oklahoma and Washington win today. Nebraska would be the Big 12 loser and they would potentially be matched up with Washington in the Alamo Bowl. The problem? The Huskers already beat up on Washington earlier this in a 35-point victory. So in this scenario the Alamo Bowl goes with Oklahoma State.

The Insight Bowl is next in line. You've got Nebraska or Mizzou. Kansas City area folks wouldn't have a problem making that decision -- they'd take Mizzou. The problem? Everyone else would probably take Nebraska as a Big Ten preview of sorts. So you can chalk the Huskers up to the Insight Bowl if it comes down to those two teams.

Which leaves....the Holiday Bowl.