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Bowl Projections: Oklahoma State To Alamo, Nebraska To Insight, Mizzou To Holiday

2010 Bowl projections are coming down to the wire which means the predictions are a little easier. There are a few Big 12 teams whose future bowl games are still up in the air. The Oklahoma Sooners will be going to a BCS Bowl after beating the Nebraska Cornhuskers in the Big 12 Championship game on Saturday night. The Texas A&M Aggies have already accepted an invite to the Cotton Bowl.

That leaves three teams and three Big 12 affiliated Bowls.

Alamo Bowl: This is expected to go to the Oklahoma State Cowboys and not the Huskers, who lost to the Sooners this week. OSU can fill that stadium and, unfortunately, things like attendance still matter in NCAA. This looks like it'll be Washington or Arizona in this game.

Insight Bowl: Assuming Nebraska isn't in the Alamo Bowl, they'll go here. It'll possibly be a preview of what's to come with Nebraska, whose headed to the Big Ten next year, against possibly Iowa.

Holiday Bowl: This looks like where we'll see Mizzou. The perception that Mizzou fans don't travel well knocks them down a little bit but they could be playing Arizona or Washington.

This looks like the way it'll be going down this evening when the BCS bowls are announced.