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Insight Bowl Makes It Official: Missouri Tigers Vs. Iowa Hawkeyes On ESPN

Reports surfaced on Sunday evening that the Missouri Tigers would be playing the Iowa Hawkeys in the 2010 Insight Bowl and there's been no one denying those reports. The folks from the Insight Bowl have now made it official:


After a day of speculation, the 2010 Insight Bowl will feature a matchup between the Missouri Tigers and the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Even this morning I didn't think Mizzou would be landing in the Insight Bowl. My bowl projections included the Oklahoma State Cowboys in the Alamo Bowl leaving the Insight Bowl to choose between Mizzou and Nebraska. The Huskers have a larger fan base and could potentially fill more seats so I figured they may want to go that route. As we know now, that's not the case.

So travel well, Mizzou fans. Dec. 28 is right around the corner and, as long as we have the bowl system like this, traveling well can help.