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Would Iowa Rather Play Nebraska Than Missouri In Insight Bowl?

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The Iowa Hawkeyes will play the Missouri Tigers in the Insight Bowl on Dec. 28 of this year. The news that it would be Mizzou -- and not the Nebraska Cornhuskers -- was slightly surprising. My bowl projections, along with plenty of other folks, had the Huskers in the Insight Bowl.

It made sense because the Insight Bowl had their choice between Mizzou and Nebraska and the Huskers could potentially send more fans to Tempe, Ariz. It also made sense that it would be Nebraska playing a Big Ten school like Iowa. Nebraska is moving to the Big Ten next year and it could have been a preview of sorts.

I noticed a couple of folks found our story on the Insight Bowl by searching for a combination of this: "iowa mad not playing nebraska insight bowl".

That makes me wonder: Would Iowa rather play Nebraska? Missouri finished 10-2, while Nebraska is 10-3 and the Tigers are ranked No. 12 in the latest BCS standings while the Huskers are No. 18.

So what do you say, Iowa fans? Who would you rather face?