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Miami (OH) Head Coach Calls Mizzou's Offense A 'Serious Concern'

Earlier we said the No. 1 goal for Mizzou on Saturday against Miami (OH) should be to get Blaine Gabbert back on track. He had a so-so game last Saturday against San Diego State and when he plays, the Tigers usually win.

Miami (OH) head coach Michael Haywood seems to agree.

"That is a serious concern," Miami head coach Michael Haywood said. "When you look at our defense, the best thing that we do is stop the run, try to make you one-dimensional. In their case, they want to throw it."

Haywood admitted that defense is "not our strong point" and the Tigers pose a stiff test.

I imagine this will be Gabbert's game to get some confidence rolling before Big 12 Conference play opens in two weeks against Colorado.