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Blaine Gabbert's Interception Leaves Mizzou Up 28-3 Over Miami (OH) At Halftime

Mizzou had a heck of a half against Miami (OH) and still ended it on a sour note.

Mizzou QB Blaine Gabbert threw an interception into double coverage to send Mizzou into halftime with a 28-3 lead over Miami (OH).

For Mizzou, they're getting it done with the run game rather than the pass game.

Here's how the very even running back situation is looking at halftime:

Gabbert hasn't been asked to do much because the run game has been working so well. He's 9-of-12 for 84 yards and the interception at the end of the half.

It's looking good for Mizzou as a 20-point favorite. They're leading by 25 at half.