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Gary Pinkel On End Of Mizzou's PAT Streak: 'So Much For The Record'

It was a strange streak, no doubt, but the Missouri Tigers aren't feeling great about losing it. With Grant Ressel's missed PAT after Mizzou's fifth touchdown, Mizzou drops a five year old streak down the drain.

At that point, they had made 252 consecutive PATs. They used three different kickers over five years to get the streak done.

The NCAA record was 262.

"So much for the record," Mizzou head coach Gary Pinkel said after the game.

Via the Columbia Tribune, Ressel took the blame for the missed kick.

"It was all my fault. Forrest and Beau are great every time, and I feel like I let them down on the extra point. … I was just trying to get a little more height on the ball because my extra points have been kind of low. I just didn’t get my hips around through the ball and ended up hitting the post."

And just like that, a five-year old record is....gone. The 51-13 win oughta soothe things over, though.