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Report: Tony Mitchell Ruled Ineligible, Mizzou Appealing Decision

Like it always seems to be with the NCAA, we're all waiting and waiting on a ruling. Tony Mitchell, one of the top basketball recruits in the country, is awaiting word on whether he can attend Missouri in the second semester after missing out on the action in the first semester.

Mike DeArmond of the KC Star has the latest on the situation:

The NCAA has ruled Mitchell ineligible, generally because of high school grades at two schools, what grades were transferred to the second school in Dallas, and also the fact that Mitchell did not graduate on time with his high school class.

Missouri - my sources contend - has appealed that ruling. And the NCAA has not yet ruled on that appeal.

As DeArmond points out, no one is making any sort of public statement on this, so nothing is official. But there is a key date coming up -- Jan. 25. That's the last day to add/drop classes for Mizzou in the second semester. While there may be a way around there, it appears that's an important date in this process.

The issue has to do with Mitchell's grades and which ones count after he transferred high schools. It's a long, confusing situation that almost no one understands at the moment.

It's possible the NCAA continues to delay this until it's too late for Mitchell to join the team this year.