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Will Tony Mitchell Ever Make It To The Missouri Tigers?

The Missouri Tigers thought they were getting one of the country's top recruits in Tony Mitchell. He would be a good fit with Mike Anderson's team and paired with a few other impact newcomers the Tigers could be a very good team. Missouri has shown signs of being a good team anyway but Mitchell has yet to make it to Columbia.

Because of some academic issues, he was ineligible to play for the Tigers last semester and it appears we're on the way to that being the case in the second semester. The KC Star's Mike DeArmond reported last week Mitchell has been ruled ineligible but Mizzou is working with the NCAA to appeal the decision. It's unclear if he has a chance to be cleared.

CBS's Seth Davis wonders if Mitchell will ever play college basketball. That's a fair question at this point with Mitchell on his way to missing an entire year. 

Missouri's second semester starts on Tuesday, Jan. 18 and the following Tuesday after that, Jan. 25, is the final date to add/withdraw classes. Perhaps there's a way to extend that but for now that appears to be the deadline in this case. 

Mizzou has lost two of their last three games but overall they've had a solid season. They're 15-3 on the year but just 1-2 in the Big 12. 

If anything is going to change with the status of Tony Mitchell, obviously the sooner the better.