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Tony Mitchell Missouri Case: NCAA Reviewing New Information

The case of Tony Mitchell and the Missouri Tigers continues on. CBS Sports Seth Davis relays new information on the situation that, as of now, has Mitchell ineligible for Missouri's spring semester. Davis characterizes this as a "longshot from the beginning." 

Mitchell is currently short of the NCAA's requirement on core courses following the "questionable circumstances" surrounding his departure from high school. One of the reasons the case has gone on for so long, according to Davis, is that Missouri has had trouble getting information from the Center of Life Academy in Florida, Mitchell's former high school. 

Via Seth Davis:

Last week, the NCAA informed Missouri that Mitchell will not be declared eligible for the second semester. The school and the NCAA were preparing to make that decision public, but late last week Missouri received a FedEx package from Center of Life Academy which it hopes will help Mitchell's status. The NCAA is reviewing that new information, and we should have a final word by the end of this week.

So until this new information came along, Missouri was ready to announce that Mitchell wouldn't be coming to Columbia, Mo. The deadline to add/drop classes for the spring semester is next Tuesday, Jan. 25. 

The key to take out of this -- we're expected to find out by the end of this week.