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Tony Mitchell Eligibility: Missouri Tigers Still Not Sure

The Missouri Tigers still aren't sure if recruit Tony Mitchell will be playing on the Mizzou basketball season this spring. If they do know the answer to the Tony Mitchell eligibility question, they're not saying. Mizzou head coach Mike Anderson was asked Monday morning if there were any updates to the Mitchell situation and Anderson declined comment but said he was hopeful.

The KC Star reported last week that Mizzou had been told Mitchell, a top 15 recruit according to Rivals, was ineligiblebut the school was appealing that decision. reported last week that it looks like a "longshot" either way but that Missouri had recently received some information from one of Mitchell's Florida high schools that could potentially provide some more information. The NCAA was said to be reviewing that new information last week.

The deadline to add/drop classes at Missouri is today -- January 25. So if Mitchell is coming, a decision would presumably have to come today, unless there were special circumstances granted.

Missouri is having a fine season without Mitchell and even if he were cleared I'm not sure when he would be able to start contributing. The Tigers have already played more than half the season and, if you haven't heard, they're not too shabby.