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College Basketball Coach Of The Year Candidate Could Be Missouri Tigers Mike Anderson

The Missouri Tigers started the season ranked 15th in the country and moved as high as ninth before losing and dropping a few spots. They're now ranked 11th in the country at 17-3 on the season and many people are crediting head coach Mike Anderson.

CBS Sports' Seth Davis looks at the top 10 candidates for college basketball coach of the year and at No. 10 he has Anderson:
Yes, the Tigers are ranked now (11) around where they were ranked in the preseason (15), but it's worth remembering the state of this program when Anderson took over four years ago. The Tigers had missed the NCAA tournament for three consecutive seasons and were coming off Quin Snyder's stormy, seven-year tenure. Since Anderson's roots were in the South, his hiring at Mizzou was a bit unconventional, but it only took him two years to stock the program with players uniquely suited for his high-octane attack. Anderson has some really good players on this team (Marcus Denmon chief among them), but the Tigers are feared as much for the way they play as much as for who their players are. Best of all, Anderson oozes class. That makes him a major asset.    
Also included on the list is Mark Turgeon with Texas A&M and Rick Barnes with Texas. 

We've still got a few weeks remaining in the season so we'll see how high Anderson can get.