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Missouri Basketball Schedule Has Tigers Sitting All Week

The Missouri Tigers last played on Saturday and they won't hit the court again until next Saturday -- a full seven days without a game. There are two different ways to look at that -- rest of the injured players or a loss of momentum. Mizzou head coach Mike Anderson says he'd rather be playing this week to keep that momentum.

"When you're playing well, you don't really want to have that open week, but it's on the schedule, and we've got to take advantage of it," Anderson said.

That means taking advantage of the time off with some of the injured players. One of those is Michael Dixon, who strained his back dunking the ball in practice last week. Another is Matt Pressey, who had an ankle injury a couple weeks ago that still leaves him a little gimpy. 

In the long run, a little rest is a good thing. Mizzou will soon be going from the conference tournaments to the NCAA tournaments for what will hopefully be a deep run.