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Tony Mitchell, Missouri Tigers Eligibility Question Could Go Into March

The deadline to register for classes at Missouri for the spring semester passed on Tuesday meaning Tigers basketball recruit Tony Mitchell, who has yet to be ruled eligible by the NCAA, couldn't enroll and play for the basketball team this year.

Unless he can.

Tuesday was the deadline to register for a full spring semester. Mitchell could, in theory, enroll for an eight-week semester starting March 14, according to Mike DeArmond of the KC Star. Could he, in theory, then play for the Tigers this year?

"As long as a student was admitted and enrolled as a full-time student and met all NCAA requirements, they would be eligible to practice and compete," Kim Humphrey, MU's athletics certification officer and assistant to the Vice Provost of Enrollment, told The Star on Tuesday.

He would also have to take a full-time student schedule which Humphrey said "would be difficult" but it's possible. We're not sure where Mike Anderson or Tony Mitchell stand on this because neither is saying much about the process. 

In other words, this Tony Mitchell question will continue on for a few more weeks.