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Report: Missouri Recruit Tony Mitchell Trying To Enroll At North Texas

We've been talking about the case of basketball recruit Tony Mitchell and the Missouri Tigers. The latest news has been that there is no news. The deadline to enroll in classes for the spring semester passed on Tuesday, although there's some thinking that, if the stars align, Mitchell could enroll in March for the second half of the semester.

Or maybe he won't be enrolling in Missouri at all. Here's the latest report on Tony Mitchell from the Denton Record Chronicle, a paper covering Denton County, Texas:

Tony Mitchell, a former Dallas Pinkston standout who was rated 12th in the Class of 2010 by, is in the process of trying to enroll at UNT, a source close to the situation said Wednesday.    

University of North, what?

Nicholas Smith, Mitchell's coach at Dallas Pinkston, declined to confirm that Mitchell was in the process of enrolling at UNT, but said he would issue a statement on Mitchell and his future today.    

The report states the only "potential snag" is whether Mitchell could get into North Texas (that was a pretty big snag at Missouri) but the writer characterizes it as "very likely" that he will end up at UNT.

So....this was unexpected.