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NCAA Statement: Tony Mitchell Ruled Ineligible

Missouri Tigers basketball recruit Tony Mitchell has been ruled ineligible, according to an NCAA statement. The statement says Mitchell was originally ruled ineligible on January 5 but Missouri appealed the decision. The NCAA's decision to keep him ineligible was upheld on January 13.

Missouri then revealed new information to the NCAA but they did said the new information did not change their mind. 

"Membership has made it a priority that prospective student-athletes be academically prepared. The standards are clear and serve as the foundation for the other NCAA academic requirements that must be met once a student-athlete enters college," stated Kevin Lennon, vice president for academic and membership affairs.    

This is about the way we thought it would go down. The light at the end of the tunnel for Mitchell and Mizzou has been very dim for a while. Today's announcement completely shuts the door on it.

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