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2011 NFL Draft: Aldon Smith Fits Kansas City Chiefs Perfectly

Many Mizzou fans would probably be ecstatic to see their college defensive titan staying close by and that’s exactly what several media outlets are suggesting as more and more NFL mock drafts come out with each passing week. Of course, we’re still a few months away from the actual event and even a month off from the combine, but in the digital news cycle, it’s never too early to dream.

The Sports Jury’s latest mock is the latest one unveiled that has Smith headed to the Chiefs with the 21st overall selection in the first round. It’s clear that linebacker is a need spot with the Chiefs, although less so than last year. Derrick Johnson stepped up quite well this off-season, Jovan Belcher came into his own and then there’s some guy named Tamba Hali.

However, that doesn’t dismiss the inexperience of Andy Studebaker, the aging Mike Vrabel and the need for more athleticism and depth all around. The Chiefs still need another pass rusher in their defensive arsenal to take the pressure off of Hali and go to the next level on defense. Smith would fit all of those needs as a probable 3-4 linebacker.