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Missouri Tigers Recruiting Is Effective

National signing day is coming up on Wednesday so this is a timely topic: How does Missouri do turning recruiting classes into wins? Austin Meek of the Topeka Capital Journal cited a Rivals story that tracked the 29 teams that finished in the top 50 of recruiting every year since 2002. 

The story looked at winning percentage compared to the recruiting rank. Most teams are what you think they are. You recruit wel and you usually win. Missouri is outperforming its recruiting classes, perhaps a big nod to Gary Pinkel.

The big winner was Virginia Tech, which produced the sixth-best winning percentage with an average recruiting ranking of No. 28. Next came Missouri , which ranked No. 14 in winning percentage and No. 27 in recruiting.

And then there's those who don't outperform a recruiting class, or even live up to expectations. Texas A&M, with all that talent in Texas, is in that category.

The biggest underperformer was Texas A&M, which won 51 percent of its games with recruiting classes routinely ranked in the top 25.

Missouri has surprisingly been among the most consistent teams in the last few years so that, along with that statistic, is a nod to Gary Pinkel and the job he's done. That's some impressive stuff.