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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Aldon Smith "Next DeMarcus Ware"?

Wade Phillips certainly enjoyed employing the talents of dominating pass rusher DeMarcus Ware in his tenure with the Dallas Cowboys. Now the new Texans defensive coordinator might be getting Ware 2.0 if the team drafts Missouri defensive end Aldon Smith at No. 11 in the upcoming NFL Draft.

That’s the conjecture at least coming out of the latest SB Nation Mock Draft, where the rising stock of Smith now sits just outside the Top 10:

When Wade Phillips was with Dallas, he coached the league’s best outside linebacker in DeMarcus Ware, a former No. 11 overall pick that nobody saw coming and many questioned. Smith is in the same mold – a raw, freakishly athletic player that Phillips would love for his 3-4 defense.