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2011 NFL Draft: Three Questions On Blaine Gabbert's Decision

2011 NFL mock draft talk is upon us as Missouri Tigers QB Blaine Gabbert has announced he has declared for the draft. That brings up all sorts of questions for Gabbert moving forward. 

What was his NFL draft advisory board grade? Players can submit their names to the NFL draft advisory board for a realistic look at where they might land. This is important because the draftniks in the media can be wrong. Last year, Todd McShay said Jake Locker could be the top quarterback taken but the NFL draft advisory board had him as a second round grade, which is why he stayed in school. If Gabbert is going pro, he likely got a first round grade. Gary Pinkel has said if players get a first round grade they should usually leave.

Where does he rank among the quarterbacks? We know Andrew Luck is the top quarterback and he may go No. 1 overall to the Carolina Panthers. ESPN's Todd McShay has Gabbert rated as the No. 2 quarterback behind Luck and ahead of Cam Newton and Ryan Mallett. We know that Luck is the top quarterback but after that it's hard to realistically separate the other three.

Who will draft him? ESPN' Todd McShay says he'll go to the Arizona Cardinals at the fifth spot. That seems a little high but if he is indeed the second quarterback taken it's probably accurate. There could be two quarterbacks taken in the top 10 and, if Gabbert is No. 2, then he'll be one of them.