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Missouri Tigers News: 2011 NFL Draft, Blaine Gabbert, Mizzou Basketball

Here's your Missouri Tigers news for the day.....

Blaine Gabbert to NFL: Pro or Con? I think this is great news for the long-term. This shows that the Missouri football program is sending more players to the NFL -- high profile players at that if 2011 NFL mock drafts are accurate -- which will ultimately help them in recruiting better players. It's bad in the short-term because a talented Mizzou team will now be breaking in a new quarterback. Expectations will be lowered.
Blaine Gabbert scouting report: He's got the size and the arm which is the big thing. Some coach in the NFL will look at him -- even without all the other positives about him -- and think they can make it work. He has step one done and I think as NFL scouts get to know him they're going to like him more.

Missouri basketball: Buy or Sell? Seth Davis of is buying the Tigers and I gotta agree. This is a team I don't think many other teams want to play. They're persistent, pesky and don't let you walk all over them. I'm not saying they're a national title contender but I am saying this is a team not many folks want to play. They'll make you work for a victory.

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