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Blaine Gabbert, Marcus Denmon And Other Missouri Tigers News

Here's some Missouri Tigers news today...

Andrew Luck staying at Stanford. This isn't directly-related to Mizzou but....well, it is. This makes Blaine Gabbert very desirable. 

"Anything can happen." Dave Matter of the Columbia Tribune has quotes from Blaine Gabbert on Andrew Luck's decision to stay at Stanford. This will be the story of the day for Tigers fans because, all of a sudden, you're wondering: Just how high can Gabbert for in the 2011 NFL draft? Gabbert is downplaying the importance of Luck's decision but it could have a significant impact on him and where he goes in the draft.

Marcus Denmon added to Wooden award list. Impressive for Denmon as he continues to surprise. I thought we'd be writing this about Kim English this time of year but Denmon has proven he's the best player on Mizzou's basketball team. He's averaging 17 points and four boards per game. 

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