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Big 12 Realignment: TCU Officials Meeting This Morning To Discuss Move From Big East

For now, they reside in the Mountain West Conference. They were supposed to catch a plane to the Big East. Instead, they’re apparently going to re-route their journey to the familiar turf of the Big 12. Officials at Texas Christian University this morning are gathering to discuss their decision related to the Big 12. The ever-shifting conference extended TCU an official invitation on Thursday and the board of trustees is expected to accept the offer in their morning meeting.

That means a decision could be coming as soon as this afternoon that the Big 12 will officially be up to 10 members. In addition, TCU further entrenches the Big 12 on Texas soil after losing A&M. The possible additions of Southern Methodist and Houston could also maintain the regional roots while other conferences stretch their reach further and further.

Currently the Horned Frogs are 4-2 after Saturday’s win over San Diego State 27-14.