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The Big 12's Newest Member Will Be TCU

The Big 12 finally made the news official Monday evening as the TCU Horned Frogs are now the 10th member of the reformed football conference.

"The Big 12 Presidents and Chancellors are pleased to welcome TCU to the Big 12," noted Burns Hargis, Chair of the Big 12 Board of Directors and president of Oklahoma State University. "The addition of TCU gives us a prestigious institution with great academics, strong financial support, outstanding athletic tradition, and a perfect geographic fit. We have been working tirelessly to build an even stronger Conference and think this is an extremely positive step."

Big 12 Interim Commissioner Chuck Neinas on TCU:

"We are excited to add TCU to our lineup of prestigious members, not only do they bring an excellent football program to our Conference, but numerous other programs that have been successful on a national level as well."

TCU is the first new member to join the Big 12 since its creation back in 1996. The Horned Frogs, who were supposed to begin competing in the Big East in all sports in the 2012-13 season, will now begin in the Big 12 in the same year.

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