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BCS Championship Odds Released: Alabama Is The Favorite

Alabama is the favorite to win the BCS Championship, according to Bodog. The Crimson Tide are followed by Oklahoma and LSU.

Bodog has released its BCS Championship odds, most of which were not surprising. The list was led by the usual suspects--Alabama, Oklahoma, and LSU--followed by Wisconsin and Boise State. Alabama hosts LSU in a premier match-up on November 5. Oklahoma still has to play Baylor, Texas A&M, Kansas State, and finishes the season at Oklahoma State--12/1 odds to win the national title--on December 3.

If there was a surprise--considering their stellar season last year and who their quarterback is--it was that Stanford's odds are listed the same as Clemson and Oklahoma State and lower than Boise State. Perhaps that is because the Cardinals would likely have to beat Oregon--another team on the list--to get there. The Cardinals also finish the season by hosting Notre Dame in a game that could have BCS implications.

Of the teams listed below, only Oregon, West Virginia, and Texas have lost this season.

Current BCS Odds:
Alabama 7/4
Oklahoma 3/1
LSU 9/2
Wisconsin 7/1
Boise State 10/1
Clemson 12/1
Stanford 12/1
Oklahoma State 12/1
Michigan 20/1
Oregon 30/1
Georgia Tech 50/1
West Virginia 50/1
Texas 125/1