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Big 12 Realignment: Someone Needs To Buy These Conference Commissioners A Globe

With all of the talk about conference realignment and the huge blue elephant constantly rearing his trunk around the corner (money), something has been lost. The thought of Missouri heading to the SEC has some positives and negatives to the decision if you are a Missouri fan. But how can anyone think it makes sense for a team to have to travel over multiple states to play any other team in their conference?

In some of the smaller conferences I understand, but choosing the SEC over staying in the Big XII makes absolutely no sense from a geographical perspective. If this is truly about the student-athletes then it makes absolutely no sense. The amount of travel that will be required from these players will be substantial and it will take away from their ability to attend class.

The reason this isn't talked about more is that they aren't thinking in terms of non-football sports. Non-revenue generating sports like baseball are going to find the travel extremely difficult for life in the SEC if they choose to go that way. No more short trips for a weekend series, they'll be flying everywhere and I believe that a trip back from Gainesville will take longer than a trip back from Lawrence.

Now throw in the report that San Diego State is courting the Big XII for membership and you have a need for a globe and geography lesson from a third-grader.