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Big 12 Realignment: San Diego State Courting Big XII For Membership

The Big 12 is now an attractive place to go after TCU agreed to join the conference last week. According to the San Diego Union Tribune, San Diego State has made a pitch to the Big XII about joining the conference if it's still looking to expand. The Aztecs are currently members of the Mountain West conference, which has been decimated thus far by the realignment with TCU, BYU and Utah all leaving for greener pastures. 

San Diego State Athletic Director Jim Sterk believes that the up-and-coming San Diego State program, along with the San Diego television market would be a nice addition to the midwest-centered Big XII conference. via San Diego Union Tribune.

"We’ve been proactive as far as getting information out and just making sure their folks know what a valuable commodity San Diego State is," Sterk said. "We’ve been able to show how well we capture the San Diego television market in the last couple of years and have a program that’s really on the rise and have a lot of things going for it. We’re a member of the Mountain West Conference, and we think it’s a very good conference. But if things realign, you never know how the sands are moving."

This move doesn't make sense for a lot of reasons. But you can understand why San Diego State is being proactive about selling its' program to conferences that are looking to expand.